Re: Harp at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame (no real HC)

 It should be in the Southern USA. All music comes from the South. Country,
Blues, Jazz, Rock-a-billy,Ragtime,Jug bands.

 I live in Philly and I think Chubby Checker is cool & so is John Coltrane.

"Philly Jimmy"

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> Russ asked:
> Cleveland?  No offense to anyone from Cleveland, but it's not
> exactly the most significant city in the history of Rock and Roll.  Why
> did they pick Cleveland for the site except that it's all about money?
> __________
> Had a lot to do with Alan Freed's ground-breaking WJW-Cleveland
> radio show of the early 50's, and with the generally accepted (if
> erroneous) perception that he actually coined the term "rock 'n'
> roll."  But you're also correct about the money aspect: to their
> credit, Cleveland also lobbied quite hard for the honor.  Check out:
> Frankly I'd agree that Memphis would've been a better choice for the
> HOF, but at least Cleveland was actively interested in the project
> and, by most accounts, has done a fine job. <shrug>
> And at least it's not Philly -- (no offense to Philly folks -- you
> DO have a cool downtown, great architecture, a rich history, a big
> bell, and the world's greatest Cheese Steak, but) if Philly had the R&R
> HOF we might be looking at 'icons' like Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell,
> Fabian, Bobby Vinton and Dick "He Who Never Ages But Has Always Been
> An Amazingly Lame Creep" Clark, fuhgodssake...
> ...all the above IMHO of course...  :)
> cheers,
> Tom Ball,
> Santa Barbara (undisputed Home Of The Blues)
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