Re: breath control

There are exercises to increase your lung capacity.

First, take a DEEP breath - and HOLD it.  Now, with your lungs "full", take
a few "puffs" of air (like a pot smoker) to force a little more air into
your lungs.

Next, blow out ALL of the air - and hold it.  Now do some "reverse puffs" to
force out more air.  It will surprise you how much "trapped air" you have in
your lungs.

Being in good physical shape is important to wind, too.

And if you smoke, quit.

You can exhale excess air by opening mouth and nose and blowing a big, airy
chord every once in a while.

Finally, analyze your playing continually.  If you're going to be playing an
extended draw, start by emptying your lungs.  "Think" a few bars ahead and
you'll usually be in good shape.

From: "Jp Pagan" <coquiblues@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>    I might be playing with a "band" soon and one thing i'm worried about
> my breathing. i usually have some trouble playing long passages or ....

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