Re: Ability to read music

I do a lot of West Coast sessions, and have been asked occasionally if I
read.  I've also gotten gigs because I made it known that I read.

Yes, it is indeed a huge "plus" to be able to read even a simple treble clef
lead sheet.  And it's just not that hard to learn the basic skill.  It
doesn't even have to be sight reading.  I find they're quite patient while
you carefully look over the chart before hitting the mic.

From: <Iceman6300@xxxxxxx>

> Richard Hunter sez:
> <<the session I described in a previous message to this list,
> where the producer's first words to me were "you can read, right?",,,,
> ability to read simple melodies on a G clef is enough to get the gig in
> many cases>>
> I got a studio gig recording harmonica for a public school project on
> Bros. because I had told the studio engineer that I read music. He
> recommended me to the producer over the other harmonica players on his
> (none of whom could read). The producer was thrilled that he could speak
> fluent music with me, on paper and in discussion. Session went very well
> I am on call for any further Warner Bros projects recorded at this
> studio.
> Serious studio players should learn to read.
> The Iceman

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