Speaker recommendation?

Hi, all-

I am planning to build a 4 X 10" extension cab using Weber VST P10R-type
speakers.  These are available in two versions, his model 10A100 with
original-style straight cone and model 10A100T with ribbed, seamed cone (I
understand that Jensen itself went from a straight cone in the earliest
P10Rs to a ribbed, seamed cone in the later ones, but I do not know when
the changeover occurred).  Does anyone have any information about how the
sound of these two speakers would differ for harp through a 4 X 10 cab?

Also, either speaker is available with an "H" dustcap, which is said to
absorb and diffuse the highs to help prevent mic feedback.  Does anyone
have experience with this option?  Does it work and how does it affect the

Many thanks in advance.


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