Perfect Harp

<Hey, I'm so tired of trying to find the perfect 
<harp I thought I'd put some feelers out to see 
<what sort of response I'd get.

Well, as you said; it depends on what we're talking
about [sound, durability, personal ~fit~, etc.], 
but I will tell you my [latest] conclusion. And I'm
assuming we're talking shortharp.

In the past I collected lots of the old, classic 580's
[Meisterklasses] and lots of the replacement 
reeds [and thought I'd repair the reeds as 
they went]. There is no harp that touches 
it- - - however the fact that I won't be able 
to get plates one day [and the fact that I 
never get around to doing decent repairs/replacements]
makes me less happy. 

So, I've also collected all the MS Meisterklasses,
[buying ~deals~ and replacing the plates to 
whatever key I want], and I put a little wax 
between the comb and plates- and I replace them 
with the ~crossharp~ [1.05 mm]plates when they 
blow. This is as close to ideal as I've gotten. 

FTR, I don't think the Suzuki Proharp comes even

If I was rich I'd buy just Filiskos or Sleighs 
and makes sure I had a couple of each of my 
favorite keys [Bb, A, D, G]. But with this 
set-up [MS MK and non-nickled, thick replacement
plates] I play without feeling like I'm driving 
my Porsche to get firewood.

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