Re: Bullet proof harps???? Is there one out there?

>The only real 'bullet proof harp' might've been the one belonging to
>Frank James (brother of Jesse, and member of the notorious James
>Gang.)  According to legend, Frank's life was supposedly saved during
>a gunfight when a bullet was deflected off the harp he carried in his
>breast pocket....
>(AFAIK there seems to be little real factual basis for this story,
>but ya gotta love it anyway. Sounds like a few taverns I've played.
>Tom B

  When I think about this Legend, it reminds me more of a Glossary or Appendix.
  As a gun slinger myself, I think any 44 or 45 (even back then) worth it's
keep would have just driven the harmonica right into James' chest cavity.
Perhaps he was shot with a rim-fire deringer?...................smokey

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