not so loud (was Covers & cup (long))

Dane, Dane, Dane (and others, you know who you are! :)

Shhhhhhhh already!! Will you guys put a 'lid' on it! How am I supposed
to blow away people at jams with my secret weapons now that you keep
telling everyone how great turbo lids and SP20s sound, how comfortable
they feel in your hand, how easy it is to get at reeds for a quick gap
adjust, how the angle back off the comb opens up your mouth and makes 
your tongue block tone just JUMP at you, and how cool the bright cherry
red 'lid looks with the black SP20 comb! I mean really!! Give me a break.


(7 lids and counting ;)

- --- In harp-l-archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "DL Terry" <so_blue@xxxx> wrote:
>I recently had the opportunity to spend a little hard-earned $ on
harmonicas, so I ordered 4 S20s and 4 Turbo-Lids, based on advice from
several of you on this list.
> If you're looking for a way to improve your cup, get a soulful
sound, or get
> a more comfortable "bite" on your 'tonic, I don't think this
combination can
> be beat, out-of-the-box. I highly recommend them both. I'm a convert!

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