ADMIN please read

In our haste to hit the ground running with a new list location we used the
subscriber lists from the old site at to create a subscriber base
at our new site  A consequence of this has been that we have
some addresses subscribed to the lists that are no longer valid or have
problems.  By far the most common problem is a full mailbox or disk quota
exceeded.  These addresses end up bouncing cluttering up the owner's
mailboxes and eating into out disk allotment until they're deleted.  One
bounced message doesn't sound like a lot but multiply that by sometimes over
50 messages in a day or a bouncing digest subscription and the space gets
eaten up pretty quickly.  Until recently we've been slow to unsubscribe a
bouncing address.  From now on we're going to be a lot quicker to remove an
address that's bouncing.  If we inadvertently remove your address we
apologize in advance.  If this happens to you simply clean up your mailbox
and resubscribe.

For those of you reading on the web and wanting to post without actually
receiving mail harp-l-friends has returned.  To subscribe send a message to


subscribe harp-l-friends

if you're sending the message from an address other than the one you wish to
 subscribe you'll need to specify the address, for instance if you're trying
to subscribe gus@xxxxxxxxx but sending the message from gus@xxxxxxxxxxxx
you'd have to send a subscribe message that looks like this

subscribe harp-l-friends gus@xxxxxxxxxx

substitute the address YOU want to subscribe for the example gus@xxxxxxxxx,
you'll have to respond to a confirmation message so make sure you can
receive mail from the address you're trying to subscribe.  Please do use
this handy option that Jonas has provided to post without receiving mail.
It's currently underutilized and it really is a nifty feature.  Finally
thanks for all your support in keeping harp-l alive and vital, without you,
the membership of this list, harp-l would cease to exist.

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