Re: tone in a box

>I swiped this quote from Electronic Musician's January issue. They were
>reviewing the TC Voice Prism Plus-
>"Through the miracle of formant processing, real-time vocal resynthesis can
>change the perceived shape of a singer's mouth, throat, or chest cavity. It
>can turn a tenor into a soprano or a marginal singer into a more powerful
>vocal performer. By emulating the human vocal tract, the VoicePrismPlus can
>manipulate inflection and add vibrato, breath, rasp, growl, and resonance to
>anyone's voice. A collection of 128 well-designed factory presets takes full
>advantage of those capabilities."
>They should make one for harp. I can see it now-the Little Walter preset,
>the Big Walter preset, the Paul Butterfield preset. Get the Antares auto
>tune for those pesky overblows and that darn 3 bend...
>Rainbow Jimmy

   That's just great, BUT it had to happen. Here in a world where there's a
Fake "Anything",(fake teeth, fake hair, Fake eye color, fake chest, fake
butt), finally a fake voice.

   Jeez, NOW I can turn my Bass voice into Andy Gibb, Neil Young, Tiny Tim.

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