Covers & cup (long)

Over the last couple weeks I've sought advice from y'all about harmonicas &
covers. Regular L-ers will remember the threads I'm referring to.

Well, based on your collective experience & advice, I decided to try
something new.

Let me start by saying that up to now my preferred 'tonic has been the
Hohner Golden Melody, because it seemed to be the best value in a
plastic-combed harmonica that was comfortable for me to play; I have a lot
of trouble with the abrupt ends of the covers on harmonicas like LO, MB,
even the MS models like the Big River & Blues Harp are uncomfortable to
play. I also have trouble with the diminutive overall size of MBs, though I
do love the way they play once they've been properly sealed, etc. I've tried
Haungs & Meisterklasse covers, but settled on GMs up to now.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a little hard-earned $ on
harmonicas, so I ordered 4 S20s and 4 Turbo-Lids, based on advice from
several of you on this list.

So here's what I think of them:

The S20 reeds seem buttery-smooth - very easy to control, expressive, more
"soulful" than others I've tried - just like a good MB. I like the way
they're tuned - they howl, growl, whine, squeal, moan, hum, chug, stutter &
sing VERY nicely, and with authority. The Turbo-Lids, although LARGE in size
(for a 10-holer), are an amazing addition. They are more comfortable to
hold, and facilitate the tightest cup I've ever enjoyed. In fact, it's much
easier to get a _completely_air_tight_cup with the T-lid. You can actually
mute the sound of the harp with a good tight cup & your cheek. (You can even
close off the back of the T-lid completely with ONE HAND.) They look kinda
"Star Trek" may consider this an advantage, or not.

If you're looking for a way to improve your cup, get a soulful sound, or get
a more comfortable "bite" on your 'tonic, I don't think this combination can
be beat, out-of-the-box. I highly recommend them both. I'm a convert!

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation or interest in turbo-lids, or Hohner
harmonicas, other than being a satisfied, paying customer.

- -Dane

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