Re:Bushman & stupid names

>Bushman is not so stupid a name if one is aware of Christian Friederich
>Buschmann, who in circa 1821 got this nutty idea to join together 15 free
>pitch pipes into a single instrument.  He is often credited with
>having "invented" the harmonica.  I may not go that far, but I certainly
>recognize his contribution to the evolution of our instrument.
>Best Regards to All,
>Larry Boy Pratt

  Yes, BUT I can hardly be expected to be that girl, what's her name?
Claire Voyant. IF it had been spelled BUSCHMANN, I would have know it was a
German name, BUT BUSHMAN evokes a picture of a little guy in sparse
clothing who talks in "clicks" and "whistles".
  They should "Mint" a likeness of the guy's face on the cover (like the
Marine Band Medallion used to be). The ONUS is on them, Na Na

%^!)    %^")    %^*)   %^+)    %^')    %^<)    %^>)    %^?)    %^/)

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