Re: JJ tubes

I'm running JJ 6L6GC's in my Super Reverb and love 'em.  Great tube for the money.  Lotsa low end and a very wide frequency
response.  No experience with their 12AX7's but I'll be servicing/retubing my guitarists Bassman RI this weekend with some JJ
12AX7's and 6L6's.  Tubes just arrived, haven't had a chance to give 'em a listen yet.  When I get a chance I'm gonna A-B them
with my Telefunken 12AX7's to see how they compare.  I'll report back later.

Don D.

"Jay M. Thompson" wrote:

> Has anyone had experience with JJ tubes. I'm especially interested in experience with the 12ax7 and 6L6GC. Thanks in advance.
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