Re: Bullet proof harps???? Is there one out there?

LoonyLenny wrote:
"I like to think I can play a little, but it seems I just can't find 
anything that will hold up for any length of time. <snip> So far,the harps 
I've used with the most longevity have been the suzuki pro master and Lee 
Oskar,respectively. I really like the special 20 for tone and OBs but they 
just don't stand the test of time. So what's the answer?


I found that when I learned to just bend down to the note I want - and no 
further - my harps lasted a lot longer. This was especially true for the 
4draw, which, like a lot of players, I often flatted out first. Remember, 
that note is only coming down one half step, not matter how "hard" you bend 
it (on a C harp it's only going to go down to a Db). A good way to find out 
just how far down that half-step bend is, is to match tones with a piano. 
Hit a D on the piano, then play the 4draw on your C harp. Now hit the Db on 
the piano and bend your 4draw harp note to the pitch you're hearing from the 
piano. You may find that you'd been bending way "harder" than you had to to 
get that note. And that'll really speed up the reed-fatiguing process.
Good luck.

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