Re: Was Tone Now Cupping in the Tub

>Smo-Joe wrote:
>>  In later yrs I took to placing my harps in Cold water just before
>>playing. On nights when I was REALLY flush, I used Iced Vodka.
>>  The combs would swell a little but I would sand all 4 corners of
>>all the "webs" with an emery board. My mother never understood what
>>happened to all the emery boards.
>To say nothing of the vanishing vodka, I bet.
>[Sorry, Joey - was just too tempting!  Must be Pick-on-Smokey day! :) ]
   Here's a case of my NOT defining something. Upon reading it back it
looks dumb. I should have stated that the "Later Years" (which is when I
used the Vodka), was AFTER the years that I used the Ice-Water AND emery

   So much so that when I used the Vodka, the harps were (Plastic) Spl-20s

   smo-?/ just got home from a Gig..kinda dizzy from all the oxygen intake.
   P.S. Hey Bobbie~Talahassee Lassie~G. YOU can pick on me ANYTIME

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