Bushman & stupid names

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>   Bushman is a stupid name for a harmonica. When was the last time you saw
> a bushman playing harp. Marine Band is just as dumb. Just try to keep up
> with
> John Phillip Sousa...lotza luck. Golden Melody?...er..OK
>  They should have names like; Cowboy, Field Hand, Steveadore, Gandy
> Juke-Joint, Delta, Dixie, TRAIN, Lip-Locker. Something that actually
> pertains.
> smo-joe

Or how about:  Curmudgeon?  Grouch?  Crank?  Sourpuss?  Angry White Male?
(Just kidding, folks - smo-joe & I go 'way back, don't we smo .  .  . smo?

- -thurg

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