Re: Marble Max price (was: Pro Junior Tube Swop for Harp+Guitar)

The prices can be found on the website since the last update....

It's only possible to morder the Max directly by Marble(price: 599 euro)
The amp isn't switchable, but you can change tubes for more power.
And yes, the amp is incredably loud!!!
I prefer to use my Astatic brown bullet with a ceramic MC127, gives me a
very nice mellow tone.
For more crunch I use the Magic Mike in combination with a Turner 254 with
Astatic MC151 crystal element.
But my absolute favourit is a JT30 witha Shure controlled reluctance
element.I use this mic also on my Harpmaster.
Within a few weeks soundsamples can be downloaded from the Marble site.

Ben Bouman

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