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>I'll bet he has them

I am sure that Tony Dannecker is a fine craftsman, but...
$153.00 for a 10 hole from a chrom guy????????
Memphis Charlie sure loved them, but I'd bet he got them somewhere between 
FREE & CHEAP. Charlie sure does endorse a lot of harps.
This is sure to spark a comb materials debate again.
I doubt that he does ANY real reed work on this instrument.
Spend your hard earned $ with any # of great 10 hole customizes They 
understand that a great 10 hole is in the reeds, not materials, screws, 
gaskets, covers, price, etc.
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someone asked about the Reed plates for a Meisterklasse  my reply was i bet 
he has them .now as far him being a Chrom GUY ....he is a HARP guy i have 
been playing a cross harp he set up for me almost three years that 3 
years of learning i was NOT always harp friendly I would blow to hard Ect...i 
have tossed a lot of Stock harps in the junk bin. but the cross harp that Mr. 
Dannecker did for me is still with me i play it every day it's the harp 
that's on my hip all the time and it still sounds better then any of the 
stock harps i pick for the custom harp builders i spoke to in the 
US ....MOST would not even return my emails the few that did blew me off 
because i was still learning and was told the harps THEY built would not hold 
up to me learning on ....from Mr. Dannecker i got a harp and a Thank you for 
the order and a Please if you have any problem's with the harp send it back 
and I'll make it right...he's work has proven it's self to me and i plan on 
picking up a full set of Sp 20's from him...oh and for the record i have much 
better control over bending notes on his harp then i do on a stock one and 
have used it to learn to find the bends and gain control on my stock harps 
and as for the $153 for one of his harps at to days cost that's three maybe 
four cartons of smokes..the ol lady wants me to cut back anyway LOL.and i was 
buying and using his Harps before Charlie endorsed anything

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