Re: Line-out from speaker output

>I am looking for advice on increasing the impedance of the Input of my
>Crate VC508.   I use Crystal, Ceramic, CM & CR mics, is 5M a good impedance for
>all of these or is it worth looking into installing a switch and having two
>impedance >settings depending on the mic?  If so what would the other value best be
>set to?

   What you need is in one of Don D.'s gems:

   I've tried everything from that message, and I can just humbly confirm advices and feelings.
   Good (better, great) feelings also for the grid-leak configuration, with which I was disappointed
   at the beginning, to find later that this was just due to a bad capacitor. 

>Can anyone give me some advice on rewiring this without eletrocuting

   Personally, I've got a switch to disconnect the grid resistor, and I add the right impedances
   on the microphones.
   Since it's difficult to find 5M pot for the crystal mics, I use them with a 5M resistor in serie  
   with the vol control, and a push-to-talk (better, to blow!) button to turn on/off the mic
   with the left hand (that holds the mic). In this way the whole rotation of the pot is interesting,
   not only its last quarter, that now is spread on a wider range, for better thin  regulation. 
   Of course other approaches are equally valid.

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