Pro Junior Tube Swop for Harp+Guitar

Hi Dan

I had a PJ which I used for harp -- I subbed the
preamp tubes to 12AU7s. You won't get any more volume
out of it this way, but feedback will be more
controllable. This may mean you can - safely - get
closer to the feedback threshold and achieve the max
before feedback.

But you are a guitarist too, so I'd go for 12AY7s.
That may preserve some of the volume, tone, crunch for
guitar. 12AU7s might be pretty wimpy/quiet for guitar.
I'm not a guitarist, but that's my feeling listening
to guitarists play though my lower gain PJ.

I fitted a DI line out to my PJ (£25) to boost the
volume though the PA.

I now use a Marble MAX, by FnS
For a 5/10 Watt amp (it's switchable) with 8in
speaker, it's incredably loud for a wee amp. It also
has a line out.

Dave Shannon
- ----------------------
The Odyssey Blues Quartet

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