Re: Was Tone Now Cupping in the Tub

>Let's hope we're all talking "acoustic" harp here.  ;)
>Kinda takes me back... 7 years or so..........
>A Harp-L friend remarked something like, "Leave it to Bobbie to come up
>with a way to have good clean fun," when I basically suggested the same
>thing... take your harp with you in the shower.
>And no JT-30 of course!
>What goes around...
>sure does.

  What happened was, I dropped my Marine Band in the tub. Proceeded to slap
all the water out of it and noticed when I played it, the sound was
Kinda loud and "quivery". I figured that it was the minute amount of water
on the reeds.
  In later yrs I took to placing my harps in Cold water just before
playing. On nights when I was REALLY flush, I used Iced Vodka. Rum wasn't
any good because it got sticky.

  The combs would swell a little but I would sand all 4 corners of all the
"webs" with an emery board. My mother never understood what happened to all
the emery boards. My 2 older sisters got the blame.
  But, good for em, they got an allowance, and I didn't..............smo-joe

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