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re: Blue Cheer

Oh I know they weren't good, but they liked blues stuff (mind you,
they sort of murdered it too) but attitude counts. Fun doing a
websearch on 'em now that they sprung back to mind...they guys are
(mostly) still rockin'.

So it's kinda like: they weren't "good" but they were "great".


Tuesday, January 28, 2003, 4:20:49 AM, you wrote:

IMC> Yup - SIX (count 'em) Marshall stacks *each* for guitar and bass, and FOUR
IMC> for drums, for a total of sixteen.  Their self proclaimed claim to fame was
IMC> not being good, but as the worlds LOUDEST rock band.

IMC> However, even this has been dwarfed by later bands such as Deep Purple, etc.

IMC>  -- mike

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