Re: Line-out from speaker output

From:  Aki Karjalainen <akarjala@xxxx>
Date:  Tue Jan 28, 2003  4:10 pm
Subject:  Line-out from speaker output

Just wanted to let you know I just added a line-out from the speaker
output to my Crate508. Instructions:

With Crate, you can just drill a hole in the plywood covering the
chassis and fit the jack there.

After this you'll have two options from where to go the mixing board.

- ---------------

Is this so you can use the built in LINE OUT for the Effects Loop Aki?

I just scored a VC508 yesterday, very pleased about it.  Small, light, loud,
nice tone.  :)
It already has a Sovtex EL84 power tube and I've ordered in a Sovtek 12AY7 pre
amp tube,  I think 12AU7 is a bit low for my tastes.

I am looking for advice on increasing the impedance of the Input of my Crate
VC508.   I use Crystal, Ceramic, CM & CR mics, is 5M a good impedance for all of
these or is it worth looking into installing a switch and having two impedance
settings depending on the mic?  If so what would the other value best be set to?

Can anyone give me some advice on rewiring this without eletrocuting myself?


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