Re: Meisterklasse Plates

Robb wrote:
>Anyone know where to find ~Bb~ or ~C~ plates for the old/classic MK?

Of course, these plates are not produced anymore, and most of the old inventory 
has decimated down to a few F#s and Dbs, both of which are short slot plates, 
not really suitable for Bb or C.  Your best bet is probably going to be 
watching ebay for old handmade Meisterklasses, or just broadcast appeals for 
parts to this and other lists.  I've had some success with that in the past.  

If you actually have plates that are deteriorating, note that the handmade 
Meisterklasse uses reeds of the same dimension as others in the handmade 
series, so it's possible to harvest reeds from Marine Bands, Special 20s and 
Golden Melodies as replacements.  They are made of a different alloy, but will 
work well in those plates.  

It is also possible to fit Marine Band plates into handmade Meisterklasse 
bodies.  I have a low D and low F made this way.  Again, not the original 
materials, but very sweet harps nonetheless!

- -tim

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