> Gary (Primich) would step up to
> any given combination and produce this MONSTEROUS tone.  He practically sounded
> the same through any mic and amp he chose.  I don't think it was on the program
> to demonstrate that regardless of the equipment, the major tone generator was
> on the other side of the harp.
> -tim

This message made me grin.  I asked Gary once if he would give out the
secret of his amps/settings/equipment for an article.  Immediately he
said, "Sure!  I'll tell you everything...even the numbers on the dials."
I told him I thought that was pretty generous.  He just shrugged 'n said
it was no big deal.  He said he could tell anyone anything, and they
wouldn't end up sounding like him.  (Just like, he laughed, no amount of
information make him sound like Big Walter.)

I was reminded of that much later.  Billy Flynn said the same thing when I
asked him if he favored any particular kind of equipment for guitar tone.
"No," he said, "it's up to me, not the equipment."

Cathi N.

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