Re: Tone - acoustic

Andy Vincent wrote:
>I can count on one hand the number of great players I've heard plaing 
>accoustic (no amplification at all). Oh, I've heard many players great (and 
>not so great) playing live gigs, but all those live gigs involved varying 
>degrees of amplification. Even the so called 'straight through the PA' guys 
>have their accoustic tone altered (i.e. reverb, EQ, compression, etc.). 

I had the good fortune once to attend a Texas Harmonica Rumble workshop which 
featured, among other players, Gary Primich.  Gary sat down in a folding chair, 
pulled a brand new Anniversary Edition Marine Band (remember how much those 
SUCKED) out of the shrink-wrapped box, and schooled us all on exactly how much 
tone was a result of player technique.  

A couple of years later I was at a great vintage mic and amplifier presentation 
done by Tom Ellis at the now-defunct Austin Blues, when Gary appeared 
unannounced.  While most of us were struggling to hear the differences between 
subtle (and not so subtle) variations in mics and amps, Gary would step up to 
any given combination and produce this MONSTEROUS tone.  He practically sounded 
the same through any mic and amp he chose.  I don't think it was on the program 
to demonstrate that regardless of the equipment, the major tone generator was 
on the other side of the harp.

- -tim

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