Re: Tone

Overall I don't think to much of that matters. Most of the best players
today are listening to the music in front and just putting what feels like
fits into the mix.. Some people like it and some don't! Some are giving the
crowd what sound they want and some just CANT! Some people are just trying
to force all there knowledge into the song, lol...

I guess tone is in the ears of the player but I try to hear the overall
sound and decide if it fits.... The gift of listening is what the best
musicians (in my opinion) have. Sometimes a small sound is good. And
sometimes it's best with no harmonica at all and let someone else put in
what's best (even if it's a lame guitar solo)... If it fits play it, If it
don't... it will "suck"!

I play "straight through the PA" a LOT and use a little onboard reverb (so
it's not real dry) but I don't do nothing but use my hand positions and harp
technique for my over all sound. no real effects. That's considered as

Vince Cheney

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