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> Oh - and VERY IMPORTANT - don't use a modern 6V6.  You *must* use *only* NOS
> (new old stock) 6V6's in the Champ.  The new ones are WAY too wimpy and 
> will
> arc when you drive the amp hard.
> -- mike

Good 6V6's can be gotten a bit cheaper than 12AX7's. A good one is the JAN 
Philips/Sylvania 6V6's. They go for around 5-8 bucks on Ebay, I think might have them on special though, I am not sure (I have no 
connection to, I just buy tubes from them). You can dip around for 
some Mullard 6V6's which are far and away the best 6V6's ever made IMHO. 
Brimars are good too. Just look for some deals, they are out there. 


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