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> To the pre-amp tube, after experimenting with several
> types and brands there is one that totally stands out for use in a Champ 
> and
> that is a NOS Telefunken 12AX7.  These are incredibly expensive (like $100 
> a
> tube!!) if you can even find one but they are so sweet.  Much warmer and
> smoother sounding , without that extreme high end gaininess that are so 
> common
> with the currently made Russian/Chinese (or even NOS US made) 12AX7's.  
> Since
> Telefunkens are so expensive and rare a good option to consider would be 
> the new
> JJ 12AX7.  JJ is currently manufacturing a 12AX7 modeled/cloned from the
> Telefunken.

I would check into the Ei tubes from Yugoslavia, I hear that these are pretty 
good in the preamp section. I am currently using one of their EL84 tubes and 
I swear that thing sounds like a Mullard in the power stage of a K-zoo. has these for $4.99 right now. If you want some good tubes for a 
low price these are the way to go.  I like Telefunkens as well, but I swear 
the price of them is ridiculous. They are rather nice though. 


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