Re: The Iceman Teacheth

>  Just wanted to say thanks again, on list this time, to our own estimable
>Larry "the Iceman" Eisenberg. I was in Orlando, Fla., this past week for
>work, so I tracked him down online and asked for a lesson. He graciously
>invited me over to his home for the lesson and we did some good work on
>beefing up my 3draw bends, adding more power to my tongue blocking, and
>bringing my overblows into tune. And of course we rapped a lot about
>harmonica, various players we dig, Harp-L, etc. It was the first time I've
>met another L'er face to face and it really confirmed all the positives
>about the Harp-L community. :-)
>  MN

  Did he show you all "4", or did he hold one in abeyance?..%^*) If you
ever get to NorthPort (Venice area), 4764 Aladdin Av. We'll do

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