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  D'ja ever get that "sinking" feelingjust as you hit the "send" key. Welllll
after I hit it I realized that maybe I was wrong and Mike was right. I
wasn't correcting him anyway (THAT would be hard to do). I was merely
giving an opinion.

 I deducted 50 yrs from my life and wound up in 1953 (I was 11)..sound was
 Then I deducted 40 yrs and came up with 1963 (I was 21)..sound still
 At 30 yrs I came up with 1973 (I was 31)..sound creeping up, BUT even "La
Gratia Morte" (who were known for their WALL OF SOUND) were NOT too loud.
At that point, things started to get out of hand.
 The Eagles never needed to BLAST  anyone's ears out. Bread, America and
even WAR were all within reason. Steely Dan, Steppenwolf, Journey, Genisis,
Police, all kept it reasonable.

 It has been my observation that volume is just a poor excuse for lousy
musicianship (Oooh, another debate?). I was at Palm Springs Country Club&
Resort recently where "Steamin Stan Ruffo" was playing...volume reasonable.
Perhaps THIS was because of the venue,(read..old rich people)...dunno.

 So, my appologies to Iron Mike, whose estimate on volume is probably
closer to true than mine. Maybe the yrs have gone by so fast that I thought
it was just "yesterday"?...........smokey-j

>> >Iron Man
>> >> Mike wrote:
>> >
>> >The loud band/stage is a relatively new phenomenon (of the last 40
>>   This is DEFINITELY NOT meant as a correction, but 25 yrs would be closer
>Well, the fact is that volume has been creeping upward, and during the
>tenure of Hendrix, The Who, and Deep Purple, arguably reached a crescendo.
>This would be closer to 30 years ago.
>HOWEVER, it was in the late 50's and early 60's that larger guitar amps made
>their appearance, and volume came WAY up from the almost acoustic levels of
>years past.  We saw the debut of more powerful amps like the Fender Super
>Reverb, Twin Reverb, Dual Showman, etc.  It culminated with the 100 watt
>Marshall stack.  Pete Townshend ordered a custom 8x12" cab.  It sounded
>great - but required a road crew that turned big green and mean every time
>they got angry (which was every time they had to move the behemoth).  So
>Pete had Jim cut it in half and make a pair of 4x12" cabs out of it.
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