Daily Almanac - January 27

I have no events to report for today.

I recently recieved a copy of the new CD, title "Drowning In The Mainstream"
by the band "Alibi" featuring our very own Wild Willy Gausman.  I am quite
pleased to hear a list member being featured on every track and that he has
really done a nice job.  Willy have obviously done his fair share of
studying the masters of the instrument, picking up a little here, a little
there and coming out with a sound that he shapes to fits the songs that he
is playing on.

The songs themselves were written by the various band mebers with the
exception of covering The Cars "The Way You Look Tonight".  There is a lot
of originality here and There is a little something for everyone, be it
Rock, Soul or just plain fun.  My favorite was "Since You Went Away", a Soul
tune that harkens back to great Otis Redding.  There is some very tasty
harmonica on the song and the overall arrangement rocks.  Guest vocalist
Lynda Travis dones a great job.  If hope to hear a lot more from Wild Willy
and the gang in the future.  They are a pleasure to listen to.

That's all I have for today.  Have fun and practice.

Peter Krampert, author
The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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