Howlin' Wolf profile

I am very curious about Howlin' Wolf's actual personality. Was he a 
sweet gentle giant? I know I did read once read a reference to him 
scaring the hell out of his audiences on occasion. Was this "good 
acoustics" or the effects of a larger than life presence? Was he "Evil" 
or "sweet"? One thing for sure, he placed his life and life span right 
in the heart of the blues embryo. Can you imagine Rice being part of 
your supportive family?

"Just be nice about it, and remember that it is impossible to say
> THANKS too much. If you keep asking *nicely*, you'll probably get what 
> you
> need."

That's exactly how Howling Wolf handled his sound man. That's why his 
was so good through the PA. Such a sweet, gentle guy.

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