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Gatorharp@xxxxxxx wrote:

> ironman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> << There's not a lot you can do to make it better.  It only has a single
> 12AX7,
>  and you do NOT want to swap it for a lower gain tube. >>
> not altogether true...a 12dw7 tube also sounds really good (to me), although
> a bit different (to me).
> don destefano can explain why much clearer than i could ever hope to do.
> steven j gatorman

Shoot, I just sent a reply and forgot about that tube swap, yeah the 12DW7 works
good in a Champ.  Why, cuz it's half a 12AX7 and half a 12AU7.  The first input
stage is the low gain side, this will allow you to increase the mic
signal/volume before feedback.  The 2nd stage or tone stack stage is the high
gain side, this will help maintain that high gain bite and character to the
amp.  This swap works great in all Fender blackface/silverface amps in the first
gain stage position.  Though as mentioned in my previous post, for Champs, I
really like the Telefunken 12AX7.

Hope this helps some,
Don D.

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