Re: Fender Champ

> From: <ShMclendon@xxxxxxx>
> > I just picked up a Fender Champ Silver face {.. Not a Vibro }
> > is there anything i would need to do to make it more harp friendly
> > looks to be all stock except for the speaker

I have a couple and have quite a bit of experience with different mods, but I
would suggest leaving it alone for the most part.  There are some tube swaps
worth trying.  One is swap out the 5Y3 with a 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier.  This will
increase the overall voltages in the amp.  Usually this is not desirable for
harp but for the Champ it works great.  It increases the headroom a bit and
widens the overall frequency response making it punchier with a little more
oomph to the bass (which the Champ is seriously lacking IMO.)  Use a quality NOS
US or WE 6V6 or the only currently made one to use would be the new
Electro-Harmonix 6V6.  To the pre-amp tube, after experimenting with several
types and brands there is one that totally stands out for use in a Champ and
that is a NOS Telefunken 12AX7.  These are incredibly expensive (like $100 a
tube!!) if you can even find one but they are so sweet.  Much warmer and
smoother sounding , without that extreme high end gaininess that are so common
with the currently made Russian/Chinese (or even NOS US made) 12AX7's.  Since
Telefunkens are so expensive and rare a good option to consider would be the new
JJ 12AX7.  JJ is currently manufacturing a 12AX7 modeled/cloned from the
Telefunken.  I have no personal experience with the new JJ 12AX7 but have heard
from others it's about as close as you can get for a small fraction of the
price, (I've used some of the other JJ tubes and they are great tubes.)  Using
low gain tubes in Champs really kills the balls of these amps though 5751's are
worth considering, their gain isn't that much lower.  Speaker, I have a Weber
Signature Alnico 8" with the straight cone and "H" or harp dust cap.
Recommended highly, your best bet for a speaker for the Champ.  The amp if it
hasn't been serviced for sometime, it's probably due for a new multi-filter cap
can, think about bringing it in to your tech for a service, a new cap can would
be a good idea if you plan on doing the 5AR4 rectifier swap.

    And the coolest mod of all: get yourself a multi speaker extension cabinent
with a 4 ohm impedance and use the Champ as a "head" to drive it.  I like a 2x10
cab (2-8ohm speakers wired in parallel for a total 4 ohm impedance.)  You can't
believe how great a Champ sounds pushing a big cab, it's amazing!!

Good luck,
Don D.


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