Re: Tone

robbingham@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<< But for those of you willing to fight fair- and capable of restricting 
yourselves to the premises you claimed: the fact that you canâ??t call Big 
Walterâ??s or [Steve Baker's] tone tinny and thin is because it has actual 
characteristics which are constant [YOU take a couple lessons from him -and 
see if YOU don't want to have his ~Tone~].  >>

all right.  finally, someone has come out and defined "good tone."  it's not 
thin or tinny.  thank you.  now we have a point of reference.
but, suppose a listener likes a tinny sounding harp?  at least in the context 
of a given musical situation.  does this mean they actually like "bad tone"?  
is the definition variable, or are you saying, conclusively, that any tinny 
or thin harp sound is "bad tone"?

steven j gatorman

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