Re: Fender Champ

From: <ShMclendon@xxxxxxx>

> I just picked up a Fender Champ Silver face {.. Not a Vibro }
> is there anything i would need to do to make it more harp friendly
> looks to be all stock except for the speaker

There's not a lot you can do to make it better.  It only has a single 12AX7,
and you do NOT want to swap it for a lower gain tube.

The one thing I'd double check is the speaker.  Optimally it should be a 3.2
ohms.  A 4 ohm speaker will work.  If it's 8 ohms, change it for a 4 or 3.2

I usually run mine with treble most of the way down, bass turned up a bit
depending on how early I want it to break up, and volume around 6 to 8.

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