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> Mike wrote:
> "Just be nice about it, and remember that it is impossible to say
> >THANKS too much. If you keep asking *nicely*, you'll probably get what
> >need."
> That's exactly how Howling Wolf handled his sound man. That's why his tone
> was so good through the PA. Such a sweet, gentle guy.

And of course once you reach the stature (physically and artistically) of
Howlin Wolf you too can handle the soundman thusly.  But as long as you're a
little fish in the pond, a ticked off sound man can make your life a living
hell - or (if he's not tocked) cvan make things very pleasant for you.

The loud band/stage is a relatively new phenomenon (of the last 40 years.)

But remember that, back in Wolfs day, they didn't have a sound man.  Just
small amps that enabled you to play and sing a little louder than the crowd
if it was talkative.  5 watt PA and guitar amps (clean!) were the rule.  The
open back amp they used back then for bass ('59 Bassman) is used these days
for harmonica.

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