Fw: Tone

Robb Bingham ranted:

> Okay. I',m not letting this go so long as my meaning
> is getting twisted 

You GO, BOY! I love that you're still fired-up about this, Robb!
> Instead they pick
> something out of context and make some moral argument
> about how no one should tell them that one size fits
> all .

I think some readers missed (at least 3 or 4) references to 
"contextually appropriate" TONE. 
Isn't that the point several of us were trying to make? 

> Oh. And post-frigging-script; how did my saying ~Hey.
> I'm just talking about you and your harp, in the
> woodshed working on your Tone~, become, ~Don't
> practice with your gear~???? 

I'm with you, Robb. Straighten 'em.

- -Dane

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