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<< In response to a portion of  Robb Bingham's  <robbingham@xxxxxxxxx>  
 fine post: I would say that amp tone has been dissed through the prior 
 months. I apologize for not clarifying this. This is why I prefer the 
 life of a lurker. Prior to this thread I had become used to being a 
 disappointed lurker when ever someone was asking for amplifier 
 information pertaining to the harmonica. Rob, my complaint proceeds 
 this thread.
 me:  <With this said I would like to add that it seems
 <a great waste of an important subject to
 <continually dismiss the questions of
 <amp tone with the the "great tone is developed
 <through Ö" dialogue that has become so
 <redundant on this list.
 - ---
 Rob:  No one dismissed amp tone before you brought it up-
 though it is another flame-magnet subject >>

the lack of real response or dismissal of questions certainly can't be 
limited to the subject of tone and amp tone.  it seems all sorts of innocent 
questions trigger answers that don't answer the question at all, or question 
the validity of what is being asked.
recently someone asked about playing in a certain position...recordings to 
listen to and general getting started.  the first reply?  it merely said, why 
not play in ~this~ position?  now, that reply happened to generate a short 
series of posts that i found pretty beneficial.  but the original went 
unanswered; not ultimately, but for the time.  i wondered, why not answer the 
question, ~then~ suggest this other position?  or start a different thread 
similarly, folks that ask questions as mundane as playing stuff by dylan or 
popper, or about hip-hop harp unleash the inevitable tide of "why would you 
want to play that?  it sucks." type stuff.  and again, their questions often 
go unanswered.
i guess most of us have witten really off the subjects.  i know i have, and i 
guess this is one...back to harp, for me...

steven j gatorman

steven j gatorman

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