Toots in DC

Last night I went to see Toots Thielemann at Blues Alley in Washington DC.
First, I want to thank Danny Wilson for his International Gig List.  It was
here that I saw Toots was coming to DC.  The last time he played in DC (at
Blues Alley) was 40 years ago.  I thought of this as going to see one of the
great masters and possible the only chance to do so.  He was, to say the
least, fantastic.  His treatment of 'jazz standards' (Shadow of Your Smile,
Wonderful World, a Brazilian piece and a Chick Correa tune) is well worth
listening.  I couldn't help wondering how many of you would have felt that
Toots "had tone."  He appeared to play a Hard Bopper or a MelloTone
(couldn't really tell), or an otherwise standard 12 hole chromatic. It
looked like a Shure SM 57 for a mic straight into the board.  But I didn't
really care about equipment.  I just wanted to hear him play.  Listen to the
notes.  How he punctuated the melody, diverge from it and come back around
to it.  I saw a master musician last night.  Check out the Gig List and see
if he is coming to your home town.  You won't be disappointed.

Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt

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