RE: Tuning Clip for Harp

 I have these little tuners. They run $14.50 including the shipping. That's
in the lower 48.

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Does anyone in the US Carry this product? Maybe Coast 2 Coast could get
something like this...

Vince Cheney

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> Hi all,
>      When I was in Japan a few years ago I bought one of these and they
> hard to find in the States so I bought another one this trip:
> The Korg CM-100, it is a contact microphone on a "alligator" type clamp,
> end is a 1/4" guitar Jack that plugs into any standard tuner.
>    I have found this tool invaluable for a few uses, First, when you want
> tune your harps, you'll get a strong and lasting signal. What's really
> is as your tuning, you can us the clamp to hold your cover plates on while
> checking the tuning!
>     If you happen to play Acoustic Bass or Guitar, Fiddle Flute's
> the perfect way to tune up in a "noisy" pit or club enviroment.....I
> reccomend it, I paid 1,800 yen which is roughly $18 us bucks.
>     Oh, BTW, my good friend over here, Satoshi Ogata, converted my web
> in to Japanese, awesome! here's the link:
> peace-out
> rob paparozzi
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