Fender Blues Junior settings

   I know some of you use these amps. Our harp
player, John Barclay, has one, but isn't happy
with the sound he is getting. I asked what sound
he wants but he isn't able to be very specific. I
do know he loves Paul Butterfield's tone and I do
know that he went to Mark Hummel's harp show in
Oakland Saturday night and loved James Harman.
Anyway, he asked me to ask the list what settings
folks use. So that's my question. If nothing
else, it'll give him somewhere to start.
Otherwise, we'll sit down during the coming week 
and start from scratch till we find something he
likes or till he decides it's time to buy a
vintage Fender amp! Any suggestions re mics to
use would also be welcome. He is now using a
Green Bullet. Thanks much in advance.

Happy Harptrails, Bob Loomis

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