Re: Philosopher king?

 "Winslow Yerxa "wrote:

>> Does this mean I get to have six guys walk in front of
>> me at SPAH, knocking down everyone in the way with
>> long poles while playing a fanfare of overblows?

Mike Curtis Wrote:

> Nah.  Just me and Harmonica John.  But we can (and will) indeed knock
> everyone down with our harp racks - well, except for Buzz Kranz ;-)
> -- mike

Just remember, Mike said it, I didn't.

Winslow has put more real information on this list than anyone else I can
think of. He has done it without the tons of self promotion so prevalent in
some other peoples' posts. He also has good taste in Scotch Whiskey. Winslow
is generous, hard working, talented, AND HUMBLE. It would not surprise me if
he were one day named harmonica player of the year at SPAH.

I share little of his best attributes, yet we are still friends.

I draw the line at knocking people down, least until I take
off my rack.


- -- 

Watch out! He has some kind of an instrument that lets out a death sound!
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