Tuning Clip for Harp

Hi all,

     When I was in Japan a few years ago I bought one of these and they seem
hard to find in the States so I bought another one this trip:

The Korg CM-100, it is a contact microphone on a "alligator" type clamp, the
end is a 1/4" guitar Jack that plugs into any standard tuner.

   I have found this tool invaluable for a few uses, First, when you want to
tune your harps, you'll get a strong and lasting signal. What's really cool
is as your tuning, you can us the clamp to hold your cover plates on while
checking the tuning!

    If you happen to play Acoustic Bass or Guitar, Fiddle Flute etc.....it's
the perfect way to tune up in a "noisy" pit or club enviroment.....I highly
reccomend it, I paid 1,800 yen which is roughly $18 us bucks.

    Oh, BTW, my good friend over here, Satoshi Ogata, converted my web page
in to Japanese, awesome! here's the link:


rob paparozzi

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