Re: Space charge, was Re: amps/tone

 >""The end effect is that tubes "mellow" the sound, even at "clean" 
volume, and
make overdriven distortion sound a LOT better.

Theoretically this is a form of distortion (even at clean volume 
but it's a very PLEASING form.

With solid state amps, we don't have space charge, and the distortion 
has a
"fingernails on the blackboard" quality to it.  Ironically, the harmonic
content of solid state distortion is remarkably similar to fingernails 
the blackboard.""<

The above quote from IronMan Mike brings some insight to a playing 
situation that I had never fully appreciated. Until recently my only 
amp was a solid state Nifty Fifty by Danelectro. Great sound for a 
little solid state and should definitely be considered as a one hundred 
dollar harp amp possibility for practice, portability or whatever. This 
amp was originally recommended to me by Pete Grissim via David Barrett 
of Harmonica Masterclass. Getting back to the point  though the Nifty 
Fifty went from sounding good to sounding great whenever I mic'ed it  
through our bands PA. The PA is a tube variety. It shaped the tone into 
something "mellower" and grander. Now I appreciate the bigger picture 
of the tube distortion issue. The only thing lacking using the Nifty 
Fifty or the likes through a tube PA is stage presence. IMHO

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