RE: Blues Brothers 2000

- --- "Jones, Dave" <Dave.Jones@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, I know there is a version on there, you may be
> right Ben.
> I haven't heard the CD in a month or so.
> Maybe it starts acapella and confused me?
> LD

This is what's on my CD.  It starts with the Taj Mahal
a capella but only goes for one chorus (maybe 20
seconds) then does the full gospel version.  I even
bought Taj Mahal's 'Blue Light Boogie' compilation
looking for it, but it was the same cut as the
soundtrack album.  Now, I personally thought I got my
six bucks worth when I saw the film in the theater in
the first five minutes alone for this moving rendition
of that song, so what I wound up doing was buying the
DVD and burning it to a CD from there (I think that's
legal).  Sounds of passing trucks and such in the
background, but such is life.

Harp content: It was nice to hear Springsteen finally
do some distorted electric stuff on harp on his last


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