re: Omnibender

>I'm quoting your website :
>> Available keys are Low D through standard D - E,
>Eb, F, and F# in regular
>tuning are not available (only in
>> the low octave). new
>Is this due to instability in the higher keys ?
>Ben FELTEN, Editor

According to Rick Epping a problem happens in the
higher reeds of the higher harp keys.  Apparently the
size of the resonant space becomes too large relative
to the reed frequencies and causes the reeds to be
difficult to play properly.  Mind you, I'm
paraphrasing what I think I understood him to say. 
The other point he made is that the available keys
cover all of the notes available up to the highest
note on a C chromatic. Also that any notes playable in
the lower octaves of the regular E, Eb, F, or F# are
available on the Low tuned harps as well.


John Watts, Coast to Coast Music
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