Re: Amps/tone

From: "dave rudolph" <drcurly@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Howlin' Wolf, Iron Man Mike, Little Walter and on and on all have or
> have had control of the room they are playing in (due their reputation,
> stature, regularity of presence, or decent sound-man).

Thanks for putting me in such good company - but there is a trick to getting
good sound from the soundman.  ASK, and PERSIST, and say THANKS a lot.  If
you can't hear your harp, keep on him.  Through the vocal mic (where the
audience can hear it), discreetly (well, without making it personal ;-) keep
telling the soundman stuff like "I need more harp in the monitors....
thanks"  "Can you give me a little more bottom and roll off the highs on the
harp?  Thanks."  "I still can't hear the harp at all....can you crank it -
thanks"  Just be nice about it, and remember that it is impossible to say
THANKS too much.  If you keep asking *nicely*, you'll probably get what you

The BEST trick for getting good sound is to show up for the afternoon sound
check ;-)

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