re:tone (re:amp/tone)

In response to a portion of  Robb Bingham's  <robbingham@xxxxxxxxx>  
fine post: I would say that amp tone has been dissed through the prior 
months. I apologize for not clarifying this. This is why I prefer the 
life of a lurker. Prior to this thread I had become used to being a 
disappointed lurker when ever someone was asking for amplifier 
information pertaining to the harmonica. Rob, my complaint proceeds 
this thread.

me:  <With this said I would like to add that it seems
<a great waste of an important subject to
<continually dismiss the questions of
<amp tone with the the "great tone is developed
<through Ö" dialogue that has become so
<redundant on this list.
- - ---
Rob:  No one dismissed amp tone before you brought it up-
though it is another flame-magnet subject

Subject: Tone 

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