RE: Omni-Benders

Bob wrote:
    Guess by now everyone has heard that Coast to
Coast Music is offering Hohner's new Omni-Bender
harps for pre-ordering with shipping likely near
the end of February. They are $79.95 at Coast,
less than I expected. I'd heard somewhere that
the retail would be around $120. I've ordered 2
and can hardly wait to try 'em. I have no
finanical interest in either Hohner or Coast to
Coast Music, just alerting those who might not
Hi Bob,

Ran into Rick Epping (designer of the XB-40, aka Omni) last Saturday 
at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.  He said it'll actually retail for 
99.95, and his estimate of availability was March.

I *believe* (don't hold me to this, but I *think*) he said they're 
making 'em all the way from low-D to high-G.  If so, we're all in for 
an amazing treat.

He had one with him and graciously let me slobber a tune or two on 
it... Yikes, the thing is astounding.  We're all gonna have to 
rethink our approaches and our entire lick repertoires.  I wonder if 
old dogs really *can* learn new tricks?  :)

The only question mark will be durability, and/or whether they'll 
back it up with reasonably priced re-tuning and/or repairs?  (It's 
either that or I'll have to finally get off my lazy arse and learn to 
tune and fix them myself.... can't see chucking these babies in the 
dumpster over a flat reed...)

(Usual disclaimers -- no financial affiliation, etc.)


Tom Ball

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